Freud was just a guilty jew who found a way to manipulate people. Regardless - Kafka was positively inspired (I like to think I am tambien)

Excerpts from Kafka's Diary, 1915:

January 29. Again tried to write, virtually useless.

January 30. The old incapacity. Interrupted my writing for barely ten days and already cast out. Once again prodigious efforts stand before me. You have to dive down, as it were, and sink more rapidly than that which sinks in advance of you.

February 7. Complete standstill. Unending torments.

March 11. How time flies; another ten days and I have achieved nothing. It doesn't come off. A page now and then is successful, but I can't keep it up, the next day I am powerless.

March 13. [...] Lack of appetite, fear of getting back late in the evening; but above all the thought that I wrote nothing yesterday, that I keep getting further and further from it, and am in danger of losing everything I have laboriously achieved these past six months. Provided proof of this by writing one and a half wretched pages of a new story that I have already decided to discard and then in despair, part of the blame for which my listless stomach certainly shares, read Herzen in the hope that he might somehow carry me on.

March 23. Incapable of writing a line.

April 27. [...] Incapable of living with people, of speaking. Complete immersion in myself, thinking of myself. Apathetic, witless, fearful. I have nothing to say to anyone - never.

- Franz Kafka (1883–1924)